HCT is delighted to bring the beloved, Little Women, to the John Kollock Stage.  We invite you to meet the part of the cast pictured here.

First on the left is Katharine Ivey who plays Amy, the youngest of the four.  A senior at White County High School, she loves acting, drawing and painting.  As she hopes someday to participate in a ministry for the deaf, Kate is studying American Sign Language.

Next is Brenna Dann, pianist and song writer.  She is studying music and psychology at Truett McConnell with interest in the field of music therapy.
A lovely surprise awaits the audience with  recorded piano selections by Brenna.

Third is Kate Sosesbee who plays the spirited Jo.  Katie recently traveled on a nine month mission tour to Central America and Europe. She explained, “It was a transformational experience the taught me, among other things, the value of community across the world.”

Abi Coppedge, a sophomore at Habersham central High School, plays with role of the shy and sickly Beth.  She loves “how sweet Beth is, and how her sisters seem to look to her for wisdom and encouragement.”

Marmee is portrayed by Alison Singer, an accomplished actress who directs and is also works with tech (sound and lights), has been a member of the HCT family since her high school days.  At present, she is an English teacher in Habersham Schools.

Not pictured is Amy Ivey who plays Aunt March.  In addition to acting, she enjoys designing and working on sets as she has for the setting for Little Women.

Alta Moseley, director, said, “If you have not yet attended Little Women, there are still some performances to enjoy.”

Remaining evening shows are at 7:30 PM are on Sept.  27, 28, 29, and
matinees at 2:00 PM on Sept. 29, and 30.
Tickets are $15 for adults and $8 for Children/Students.

You may purchase your tickets by calling
706-839-1315 or ordering online .

Season 2018 – 2019