The three Biddy sisters-Maude, Myrtle, and Mildred

returned once more in A Biddy Full Day due to audience demand.

April 17 – 19 & 23-26, 2015

Biddy Sisters

Mildred, Jan Hames; Maude, Lynda Smith;Myrtle, Alta ,Moseley


The sisters deal again with their frustrating day meeting such wonderful characters as the flirtatious druggist (Jack Molnar),the hard–nosed IRS Agent (Jennifer Benson), the slippery young banker (Justin Dudkiewicz), the severe Nurse, Ms Hatchett (Jodi Wall), and loving Nurse Goodbody (Barbara Grizzard)

Millie Adcox, our director, is also the playwright along with James Cannon.